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Useful but unused byproducts

Producing firewood and also timber (lumber) creates alot of what is usually referred to as waste. It's something that can't be avoided due to the process of working with wood.

From offcuts and wood chips to sawdust and bark, these "waste products" can be a bit of a headache to manage especially when trying to sell them in bulk quantities which proves to be quite difficult, time consuming and provides very little return.

I have started doing some light reading and research on alternative markets, markets that can receive smaller quantities of things such as sawdust. It's quite exciting seeing all the ways clever people will repurpose organic material!

I'm not at a point yet to offer anything for sale or even know exactly what I'm leaning towards most- whether it be mushroom growing mixtures or garden mulch material or any number of other cool ideas I've stumbled across. But, the more reading I do the more I am wanting to provide worth to other people and make our small business more sustainable along the way.

So watch this space, there will likely be some failed journeys along the way but I'm committed making full use of every log we cut!

If you have any ideas I'd love to hear from you.

Stay sustainable, lumberjacks!

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